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If you have registered for the meeting but not housing, we are assuming that you have made other lodging arrangements. If so, Asilomar requires that we collect a conference "day-use" fee ($10.00/day, total of $30.00 for all three days). If you wish to eat meals with our conference group, you must let us know immediately so that meal tickets can be given to you at registration. Individual meal costs are listed below. Please indicate your choices on the form provided and email to Jan Strudwick (, then send a check payable to "WCSDB09" to Jan by April 15th, or provide upon registration. Meal tickets will not be released until fees are paid.

Jan Strudwick

4205 McGaugh Hall

Developmental Biology Center

University of California, Irvine

Irvine California, 92697-2300.


There are reduced rates for SDB members so


(if you have done this and have trouble registering as a member - please register as a non-member and let us know for possible reimbursement).

We strongly encourage registration and abstract submission ASAP so that we can estimate attendance and select speakers from student/postdoc abstracts.


Standard Housing Reservation forms for Asilomar will be available on March 20th. Housing (including meals) must be paid separately from Registration fees, and the deadline for submitting housing forms is April 10th. If you are registering late, check with Asilomar on availability.

Rates are per person and assigned on a first come, first served basis. Rates are for full time participation only (two nights). These rates include all meals!

Single occupancy -historic- (for both nights) per person $335.62
Single occupancy -standard- (for both nights) per person $419.22
Double occupancy -historic- (both nights) per person $233.42
Double occupancy -standard- (both nights) per person $264.22

Once you have downloaded the Standard Housing Form please fill it out and fax it directly to Asilomar at 831-642-4262.

If you choose to write a check, make it out to DNPS at Asilomar. Mail the form with check to:

Asilomar Conference Grounds P.O. Box 537, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

If you have specific questions about housing or rates, please include a cover letter with the form and Asilomar will contact you directly.

Off-Site Housing Registration Form

For those interested in housing off-site - any meals and a small facility charge must be pre-paid with Asilomar. These fees were included in the housing fee that you are not paying. See details above.

If you plan to eat all meals with our conference group the cost is $75.84, plus $30.00 in day-use fees, for a total of - $105.84

This includes:

Facility Fee, per person per day

Friday dinner

Saturday breakfast

Saturday lunch

Saturday dinner

Sunday breakfast

Sunday lunch

(7.25% tax included)

Please email the off-site form provided with your choices of meals etc. to Jan Strudwick (

For more info on off-site places to stay click here


Standard Registration deadline is

April 15


Abstract deadline is

April 15


Housing Reservation form deadline is

April 10


Offsite Housing form deadline is

April 15