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1 - Format

Save as a Word document (.doc), using Helvetica, 8-point font.

Include Title in bold, followed by one return. Then the author list, followed by one return, and list of institutions, followed by one return. The first author listed must be the presenter.

Abstract size should not exceed 3.5" x 5" (88.9mm x 127mm).

2 - Submission

Deadline for submitting abstracts is April 15.

You must be registered to submit an abstract.

Email abstracts to Jan Strudwick ( - in the subject heading write "WCSDB abstract, first author's name".

All abstracts will be eligible for selection to be presented as short talks. If your abstract is chosen for a talk, you will be notified by April 20.

3 - Oral Presentations

As an invited faculty speaker your talk is limited to 25 minutes, including a few minutes for questions - so please aim for a presentation of 20 minutes.

Student/postdoc talks are a little shorter - limited to 15 minutes, including questions. Please prepare for a 10 minute talk.

4 - Poster Preparation

Poster display size is 4 ft x 4 ft.

5 - Awards

The top student and postdoc presentation (poster or oral) will receive an expenses-paid trip to the annual Society of Developmental Biology meeting in San Francisco, to be held July 23-27, 2009. Additional prizes will also be awarded.



Standard Registration deadline is

April 15


Abstract deadline is

April 15


Housing Reservation form deadline is

April 10


Offsite Housing form deadline is

April 15


POSTER SIZE - due to limited board space, please keep posters to no larger than 4 ft by 4ft

Best student/postdoc presentation wins: